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Are you ready to change your life, get out of a rut, or just level yourself up? Habit Star offers everything you need to do just that and more!

Tracking habits should be enjoyable

Easy, clean and intuitive.

Easy Navigation

Navigate day by day and long press the date to return to today.


See how many total times you have done your habit along with your current and best streak.

View Modes

Select either Compact or Expanded view in the bottom left.

Adding New Habits

Quickly add new habits by specifying what you want to do, when to start and how often to track your new habit.

Drill In

See your stars, stats and monthly performance by clicking into each habit.


Easily select a different theme, set the start of your week and submit feedback.

Earn Stars for Consistency

Earn all the stars if you can!


Earn stars for not missing any days over time. Each star represents an incremental step towards building a strong habit. Science says that the target is 254 days!


See your overall performance as well as how you are performing month by month.

"I've had a pinched nerve in my back the last three weeks which makes my right arm go completely numb when sitting in the wrong position. I've been given a bunch of stretches to do multiple times a day and have been using Habit Star to remind me to do them. It works great!"

- Aaron

Setup Habit Reminders

Customizable messages and send times.

Customizable messages

Send yourself messages that you know will motivate you!

Set the time when you want to be reminded

When is the best time to trigger your habit?

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